About Ahmad Anousheh

Ahmad Anousheh was born in Marand, Persia, in 1950. It was his destiny to live as a musician. Since the age of five he has learned to play different traditional instruments: Flutes as well as a Persian drum, the Tombak, and the Santur. With seventeen years of age his heart was drawn to the Persian bamboo flute called Ney, the central musical instrument of the Sufis who are known as the mystics of the orient. At the age of twenty Anousheh was employed as a musician with the Iranian radio and TV corporation. He studied world famous works of poets and philosophers, especially those of Rumi, Hafiz or Saadi, studied musical science and calligraphy, composed, wrote poetry and passed on his knowledge to many students.

Then he was drawn to Germany to spread his knowledge even further. He has been living there since then and gives concerts all over Europe with well known musicians from the East. At the 50th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. he gave a concert in Great Britain.

Recently he has been collaborating with the international network Il canto del mondo, where people from different cultures of the East and the West come together. There he experiments with the possibilities the Ney flute gives him within the framework of electronic music.

He says: “I wish that my music will help as many people as possible to transform negative emotions like rage, grief or despair into love, hope and joy and in this way continues to unfold their compassion for themselves and all living beings. Just today the old oriental wisdom of the heart as conveyed by the Ney flute is a precious contribution to a peaceful cooperation on the basis of the human rights.”

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